Drama work should be based on volunteering and use of the imagination. The children need to know that acting is a game.

Phases of Drama Work:

  1. Beginning and warm-up activities
    • Showing the plan of action
    • Making the drama agreement
    • Warming up, i.e. a song/riddle/activity in which the body warms up
    • The beginning of the drama is clearly stated
  2. Dramatic moments: handling the topic and acting out the scene
  3. Ending: returning from the world of drama into real life. For example, with the children patting each other on the back in a circle.

The drama director must have the courage to throw him or herself into the unpredictable events of the play. The director also needs to move the drama forward in a way that respects the participants. He or she must make sure that everything goes according to the agreed rules and also ends the drama time by directing the participants back into the real world from the drama.